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IELTS Speaking Part 2 Template

Here is an effective way to create your own task 2 speaking template (remember that once you have created your own part 2 talk template and have learnt the high band phrases to expand the talk ({my IELTS speaking e-book provides samples of the high band scoring vocabulary and phrases required}) then you can use this format and planning process to prepare successfully for any task 2 topic talk.

1. Identify the main topic

2. Write down all the key words that you know about the topic (in english!)

3. Identify the 3 separate talking points which you need to include in your presentation

4. Find the links between the 3 separate talking points and write down the vocabulary which you need to say this in English (Remember to write everything in English - the Examiner will probably read your notepaper after you leave the room to double check your English ability.)

5. Write down one or two key words for your introduction, talking point 1, talking point 2, and talking point 3. These key words will act like memory anchors to help you remember what you want to talk about in English.

How does it work in practice?

Let's use the task 2 in the IELTS Practice Speaking Test 1 (Academic Module)

1. So the topic is "A place you really enjoyed visiting."

2. The key words could be; national park, extensive forests, snow-capped mountains, wild animals, peaceful, natural beauty, protected area, unspoilt, fresh air, uncrowded, remote. world famous.

3. The 3 separate talking points are: talking point 1 - where the place was, talking point 2 - why you like the place so much, talking point 3 - how popular the place is.

4. The links are (for eample):

Snowy Mountains National Park - in the north of country xxx (talking point 1) -a remote and peaceful area of immense natural beauty (talking point 2) - very few visitor make it to the park because of its remote location ( talking point 3)

5. The key words for the introduction - National Park , key words for talking point 1 - remote area key words for talking point 2- magnificent isolation, key words for talking point 3 - infrequently visited.

Now what you do is flesh out the four parts of the talk template using high band scoring language and phrases so that each part lasts for 30 seconds ( there are up to 2 minutes for you to deliver your talk in part 2 of the psekaing test). After that all you have do is memorise this script and practce dleivering it using different topics and key word anchors. And where is a good place to practice..? In front of your mirror of course!



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