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How to rephrase an academic task1 question for your introductory paragraph

If you merely copy the writing task question into your answer as an introduction, then you may lose marks, as the words will not be added to your total word count. To avoid this you need to rephrase the task question. The words will then be your own original ones and can be added to the overall word count. Below is an example:

Academic Task 1 Question:

The bar charts below show the change in population size in two British cities from  1999-2009. Summarize the information by choosing and identifying  the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

The above task 1 question rephrased and used as an introduction:

The two graphs introduced in the academic task 1 question show the change in the number of inhabitants in two cities in the United Kingdom over a ten year time span. To make an analysis of this information and identify the key trends, a closer look at the data from 1999 up to 2009 is required and will be presented in this report.

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