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How to rephrase a general training task question for your introductory paragraph

If you merely copy the writing task question into your answer as an introduction, then you may lose marks, as the words will not be added to your total word count. To avoid this you need to rephrase the task question. The words will then be your own original ones and can be added to the overall word count. Below is an example:

General Training Task 1 Question:

You bought a faulty electrical appliance in your local electronics store. Write a letter to the store manager.

In the letter include the following:

It is not necessary to use any addresses.


The above task 1 question rephrased and used as an introduction:

Dear Sir or Madam

Good day. I am entering into correspondence with you with regard to a problem that has occurred regarding an electronic item which I purchased from your store last week In this letter I would like to detail the nature of my complaint, and the steps which I would like you to take to remedy this issue.

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