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How to widen your vocabulary for the General Training Writing Task 1:

One of the strategies for improving your band score in IELTS writing is to widen your vocabulary. This will help you in two ways:

1. You will show your knowledge of of higher level English vocabulary.

2. You will increase your word count by using different word from the the rubric (the essay question.)

So the way to do this is as follows:

a. Read academic task 1 questions.

b. Identify the main words.

c. Use a dictionary to find alternative words which have the same meaning in English and learn them.

c. Practice using the new words by doing practice task 1 answers



You bought a faulty electrical appliance in your local electronics store. Write a letter to the store manager.

In the letter include the following:

It is not necessary to use any addresses.


The key words in the task 1 question are:

Now the easiest way to find similar words on the internet is to go to an online English thesaurus and search for a new word. For this example I have used




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